Foundations for Divergent Minds (FDM) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization rooted in the principles of disability justice. Founded and led by a team of racially diverse multiply-neurodivergent autistic people of marginalized orientations and gender alignments, our mission is to ensure equity, access, and fulfilled lives through inclusive, practical, affirming neurodiversity based programming and education. FDM utilizes effective, innovative, digital, culturally-responsive methods to serve a broad range of individuals, families, organizations, and providers across the globe.

We at Foundations for Divergent Minds come from diverse backgrounds that are reflected in not only the projects we focus on, but in the very fabric of everything we do. In our mission statement, we state that we “ensure equity, access and fulfilled lives,” and it is our belief that this work starts within our own organization. 

We are invested in building strong partnerships with our international affiliates to advance our mission. Cultural factors such as geographic location, language, religion, nationality, ethnicity, and family structure directly impact how Autistic people experience Autism. Collaboration with organizations internationally allows us to better understand these complex and nuanced issues.


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